Evansville Utility

About This Site

The City of Evansville has created this site in conjunction with a new program to notify residents when existing or predicted weather conditions are likely to cause combined sewer overflows (CSOs). A CSO is a discharge of untreated storm and wastewater from a combined sewer into the environment. CSOs typically occur when combined sewers fill up with too much water for the system to handle, most often during heavy rains, and the excess water is released into a stream or river.

EMC Within this site you will find information about the history of CSOs and why they are problem for our communitys and the environment. Additionally, you are provided with the opporutnity to sign-up for notifications of CSO events. These notifications will be delivered in the form of email as soon as an event is triggered.

Thank you for taking the time and interest to visit this site if you have any questions or comments contact us here